Preparing For Delivery

Martha Jefferson Hospital offers classes that are helpful in helping you to prepare for your delivery.   Call 434-654-7009 to schedule these classes.  These classes do fill up fast, so call early. Martha Jefferson Maternity Services When your labor begins, you should contact our office at 434-977-4488, option 2, and speak to a nurse.   If it is after office hours or on the weekend, you should call 434-972-1088 and speak to the answering service.  They will contact a physician and have them contact you. Contractions that are regular (usually 5 minutes apart), your water breaking, or vaginal bleeding are all signs of labor. There are various types of pain control during labor.   It is best to have an open mind about labor, as every labor is different for every person.   The anesthesiologists at Martha Jefferson Hospital are available at all times to assist you with pain relief during your labor.  Epidural blockade is a technique in which local anesthetic is injected into the epidural space.  This is effective and safe for both the mother and the baby.  The mother remains awake, alert, and aware of her surroundings.  Other options are IV pain medications, different labor positions, music and meditation.   Breathing techniques may also be used for pain control.

We welcome new patients and most insurances are accepted. If you have further questions about your insurance coverage,  please contact your insurance company by calling the telephone number listed on your insurance card.