OB Nurse Educator

newborn babyIf you are pregnant for the first time or have not had a baby with our practice, you will be scheduled to see the Obstetric Nurse Educator for your first visit. This person will spend time answering your questions, recording a detailed history, talking about your genetic background, and make sure the appointments you will need are arranged.  The nurse will make suggestions and talk about ways for you to experience a healthier pregnancy. You may bring a spouse, significant other or support person with you to this appointment, or any other appointment if you would like. It is suggested that you try not to bring your children with you to these appointments because you will have to spend time with them and not be able to concentrate on yourself. You will be scheduled to see a physician within 2 weeks after your first ob nurse educator visit and you will have a complete physical done by the physician at this time. This will include a pelvic exam, possibly a pap smear if you have not had one recently, and a breast exam. The physician will also order your prenatal labs at this visit and determine the best time for you to have your first ultrasound.

We welcome new patients and most insurances are accepted. If you have further questions about your insurance coverage,  please contact your insurance company by calling the telephone number listed on your insurance card.