Medical research teaches us more every year about mature women’s health. Many options are available today to help women experience menopause with much more positive experiences than their mother’s and grandmother’s. At Jefferson OBGYN, our physicians and nurse practitioners believe strongly in providing individualized care to manage the hormonal and physical changes of the body. No body is as unique as your body, and we invite the opportunity to talk about how we can combine our experience and the latest in health care technology to fit your life.


Menopause is a stage of life, not unlike adolescence, that affects every woman around the world. However, women’s physical and mental experiences during “the change,” as it’s often called, vary within and across cultures. However with knowledge and attention to self care, menopause can mark the beginning of an exciting new time of life for all women.


Regular clinical checkups will help a woman achieve optimal health. The checkups can identify any health conditions that need to be addressed. For example, regular mammograms are important for women over 40. Pap tests are also recommended, even after menopause. Height measurements detect loss of height, possibly an indicator of osteoporosis. Blood, urine, and other tests can help to screen for existing or increasing risk of various diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and thyroid disease.

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