Increase Your Chance Of Vaginal Birth

Tips to Help Your Chances of a Vaginal Birth … (From an obstetrician’s perspective)
  • Exercise: science tells us that brisk walking or cardiovascular exercise for 30-45 minutes per day significantly increases the chance of natural labor and vaginal birth
  • Eat Healthy! Everything you put into your body is nourishing you and your baby, so pick nutritious foods and drinks that provide you with protein, nutrients, and not empty calories (sugary drinks, chips, fast food, candy, pretzels, etc)
  • Gain an appropriate amount of weight; you should have an idea at the beginning of your pregnancy what the recommended amount of weight gain is, and try to stick with it. Increased weight gain means higher chance of diabetes, hypertension, cesarean section.
  • Control your fear regarding birth (classes, doula, videos, meditation, hypnobirth)
  • Induce labor only if medical reason
  • Try to labor some at home

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