FDA Warning about Ultrasounds for Entertainment Purposes

sonogramUltrasound fetal scanning is considered safe when done for medical purposes, but there is a concern about doing it for unapproved or unintended purposes.  According to the Food and Drug Administration, using ultraound imaging devices for creating fetal keepsake videos and other such things is not an approved use.  Over the counter use of Doppler ultrasound heartbeat monitors is also not approved. “Although there are no known risks of ultrasound imaging and heartbeat monitors, the radiation associated with them can produce effects ont he body,” say Robert Phillips, Ph.D., a physicist with the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.  “When an ultrasound enters the body, it heats the tissues slightly.  In some cases, it can also produce small pockets of gas in body fluids or tissues.” These tests should only be done with a prescription.  This assures pregnant women get professional care and it would assist with the health and wellness of the baby(ies) and woman. Fetal Keepsake Videos are typically performed without  licensed medical personnel and could put the mother and unborn baby at risk.  “The bottom line is: Why take a chance with your baby’s health for the sake of a video?”   These videos are seen as a problem because there is no medical benefit from doing them and there are no controls in place to say how long a single imaging session will last. For More Information: Taking a Close Look at Ultrasound – www.fda.gov/consumer/updates/ultrasound032408.html Fetal Keepsake Video (FDA-CDRH)  www.fda.gov/cdrh/consumer/fetalvideos.html FDA  Cautions Against Ultrasound ‘Keepsake’ Images  www.fda.gov/fdac/features/2004/104_images.html

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